Wednesday, 6 July 2016

DT Inspiration IQCG# 28 - Stencil it

Dear Quillers ,
A warm welcome to fans of  IQCG. This is your DT Aparna Balakrishnan of "shequills" blog and I am here today to present my DT work on Challenge no 28 (Stencil it)...

Before getting into my work,let me tell everyone that I am completely new to stencil work and this is my very first stencil piece I have done. So I chose a very basic stencil design that I found in the net and drew it in a paper to start working on it.

Here is my work

and the stencil design I used

Find the challenge image below and the link of the challenge blog post in this group.

              I started drawing the stencil design in a piece of paper measuring 15cm x 12cm and using a basic paper cutter tool, I started cutting along the stencil design and kept aside. Taking another paper of the same measurement , I coloured it using a light orange and dark orange acrylic colours using a sponge to give a monochromatic effect for background. You can observe that in my work. Once the paper is coloured and background is created , I chose magenta pink and brought the stencil design on the orange background paper. Once it was stenciled , I bordered the corners using crimped green strips and placed a quilled flower made using light yellow and light green quilling strips, with triangular petals over the stencil design, with leaves and branches surrounding it. I this pasted the completed piece on a magenta handmade paper, and stuck green and silver rhinestones on the corners. Finally added some stones here and there around the flowers too. 

The piece has been hanged on the wall by inserting a golden lace in the holes punched.

Hope everyone liked this small start for stencils from me and wishing everyone all the very best and eagerly waiting to see your work. I am sure we are going to receive fabulous stencils craft works for many of you all. Please link your project here in the IQCG blog abiding the rules properly ,to avoid disqualification.

Aparna Balakrishnan

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