Monday, 20 February 2017

Guest Designer - Feb Month

Dear Quillers,

Valentines day is over, but still could feel the love in the air.

I am here today to share our Guest Designer for February - wonderful quiller from SriLanka  

A great quiller and a best teacher. She has shared many tutorials and invented many handy tools for quilling.
Over to her

I am Sri Lankan and a handy craft artist. Quilling is one of many hobbies that keeps most of my time occupied. I have been quilling for the past 18 or 19 years. I came across a picture of a paper quilled rat that I just glanced at when I was looking at some books at a store . Many months later I remembered this but did not even know what this art was called as I had not seen anything like it before, and as a person who tries out any handy craft that catches my eyes wanted to create something like it. I started experimenting with strips of paper at every possible free time I got till I mastered and created my own quilling methods. I think if you visit my blog
You will understand what I mean as most of my creations are posted in it

Here is her inspiration to us for our current month challenge 

The beauty of love towards quilling is captured in each work. Thank you mam for agreeing to our request and you have delighted/inspired us with your beautiful works.

Quillers you are left with another six days to participate in our February Challenge. We accept international entries too.

Look forward to your entries

Happy Quilling!


  1. It was a pleasure doing these for your blog. In fact your request inspired me to start quilling which I gave up for some time. Now I might get into it again till I am fed up with it :)