Monday 1 August 2016

IQCG#29 - Incredible India

Dear Quillers,

August - The month of monsoon, the month of festivals and the month we pay respect to our forefathers and so on.
This month we celebrate our Independence Day.

 The 70th Independence Day - This day reminds us of those patriots who fought and suffered to win freedom for us.

We at IQCG decided to go patriotic this month. The challenge we set is Incredible India

The challenge is to create something that represents our country, our flag colours, our national symbols, culture etc. Whatever you like !  

Here i have created something which represent the culture of the state which i belong to.

Kathakali  - the classical dance drama from Kerala which presents ther story themes derived from the Ramayana, the mahabharata and other Hindu epics, myths and legends. the dance aspect consists of pure dance and as well as mime

 Quilled kathkali - Face of kerala culture. For details visit my blog Adhiraacreations

We look forward to your choice of creativity and patriotism

Participants - Pls follow our guidelines strictly.

Winner will get gift voucher of Rs.250 from each of our Sponsors

Link your projects here

Stay tuned for inspirations from our DTs soon.